Saturday, 14 February 2009

Explore Baja: Surfing in Los Cerritos

Los Cerritos, Baja Sur is a great spot to surf. Los cerritos is located a couple of kms out side Pescadero, which is in turn, a small fisher's town about an hour north from Cabo.

Los Cerritos (small hills) is a great beach in general. There is a small restaurant with live music where you can enjoy great food and chilled cervezas. This little but cool restaurant has great sea food so you can enjoy the local cuisine til late. Los cerritos also has a couple of surf huts shops where you can rent boards and all you need to have a good session. There is also a little surf school where you can have lessons from for the beginners. For the more experienced surfers, Los Cerritos offers great and constant waves when the swell is good.

This beach is mostly visited by locals and turists from Cabo. The great waves attract surfers along. Recently, there have been rock and reggae concerts in Los Cerritos from time to time which makes it to start to have a place for the bohemian community's scenario.

You can rent a surf board in Los cerritos no problem. There are two small shops that sell surf stuff, they also rent boards for $20 or $15 a day. You can also get surf lessons right there or go to Todos Santos or Cabo and pay for lessons in Los cerritos. The are also a good group of locals that are quite friendly.

Personally, Los Cerritos is one of my favourite beaches because is where I learnt to surf. Even though it is one hour and a half away from La Paz, most of my friends spent the weekends in this beach during summer.

Currently, Los Cerritos is a hot spot for Real State because the area is developing quite well. Some years ago, this beach was only a fishers beach. Now it is a turistic and surfing must-to visit spot if you enjoy lounge music in a cool and relaxed atmosphere with a nice mix of beach and great sunsets. Also, the weather all year round in Los cerritos is exceptional. Truly amazing.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Explore Baja: fishing adventure

The diversity and quantity of marine fauna in the Gulf of California is vast. The south part of the Baja California peninsula has one of the best fishing spots in the world. El Sargento, Los Barriles, San Bartolo, Buena Vista and La Paz are the hosts of hosts of the most important tournaments. There are juicy prices for winners and the whole experience is just mind blowing.

If the big tourneys are not your thing, you can always enjoy fishing in a more relaxed style. You can rent a boat for one or several days and explore by yourself the fishing in baja.

The are many great spots really close to all the fishing communities, you can go to different type of fishing experiences in the gulf or in the pacific. You can find your tailores fishing adventure in Baja!

Explore Baja: kayaking vacation

The Sea of Cortez is known as the aquarium of the world (or the biggest aquarium of the world). The calm and crystal waters of the beaches in baja are a perfect spot for kayaking.

Kayaking in Baja has become more and more popular recently. The calm and sandy beaches around La Paz are just perfect for beginners and experts kayakers. The are great guided tours that show you everything, from how to paddle to the best spots in the area for this great sport.

The perfect kayaking vacation in Baja

I recommend to start your kayaking vacation in La Paz. There are many flights that can take you to La Paz flying from the States or Canada. Alternatively, you could fly to Los Cabos. It is a 2 hour drive from Los Cabos to La Paz and there are many taxis or buses connecting the Cabo area and La Paz. If you want to be free and explore many beaches, rent a car in Baja (if budget allows, I completely recommend this option). The possibilities are so great by renting a car if you like to explore baja by yourself.

There are several kayak companies you can go for in La Paz. I have rented kayaks and tours from a local kayak business called "Mar y Aventuras" (sea and adventures) which I think is great. They have accomodation, guided kayaking tours, snorkeling, fishing, whale watching tours. And the people are nice and great. I also have my own kayak but when I invite friends to visit Baja or in kayaking vacation and need more kayaks, I go there.

Accomodation: La Paz has great options for accomodation for all different budgets. You could go from a nice cosy hotel or posada to a really expensive, posh 5 star hotel (that are not that expensive really). It is also worth checking for vacation package deals including plane tickets and hotel. A great deal and good start for your kayaking experience!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Explore Baja: policies

I was born in Baja some years ago. The love for this fascinating mix of desert and sea was soon cultivated in my soul.

The peninsula of Baja California is located towards the northwest of Mexico. It is a beatiful mix of desert, sea, cactus, fish, surf, sunsets, great food, nice and relaxed people, landscapes, and lots and lots of beaches.

My infancy was full of games by sandy beaches and crystal water. I learned to snorkel before I could swim properly. My father took me to the beach almost right after being born.

A complete army of cacti witnessed my first attemps to go fishing. Later, this activity became a regular practice every sunday or saturday. It took some practice before I was catching big fish and could invite my friends over for supper to show off my fish, but it was always fun to be with my line by a great sea or on a boat.

In secundary school I could cook my own grilled fish, clams, octopus and great "fish tacos". The cooking book that I followed was written by ordinary people who shared their cooking sea food secrets with me. I had my first "serious" girlfriend by my side walking along the seafront "malecon" enjoying some "aguas frescas" and the sunset of La Paz Bay.

My highschool time was great! I could go to the beach and cool down in the water during summer or enjoy the great night life in La Paz or Cabo. I was doing camping all the time and bought my first boat. It was an inflatable boat but oh well, everything has a begining.

The bright sun of the Baja desert burnt a great love for my region and country. I am trying now to share all the great things I learnt and lived in Baja. Many friends have asked me how this great place is, now that I live abroad. For all of them, here it is this blog. Enjoy, travel, fish, surf, camp, explore and love Baja, Mexico.

Here you will find suggestions, news, stories and many more things about this great "island" between the waters of the gulf of California or Sea of Cortez and the pacific ocean.